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This page describes the menu of Polaris Viewer. Each section corresponds to an item in the main menu.


File menu
Menu item Action/effect
New Project Clear all existing settings and start a fresh empty project
Open Project Open an existing project file
Recent Project Shows four recently created or modified projects, click to open one
Save Save the current project
Save As Save the current project to a different project name
Save Data Save the current data object itself to disk
Save Screenshot Save the snapshot of the current view into an image file
Save Animation Save the current view into a time-series images or a video file
Clear All Delete all data objects in the "Pipeline Browser". Doesn't affect files on disk.
New Window Fires another Polaris Viewer window.
License View or change license settings and information
Exit Quit Polaris Viewer


Setup menu
Menu item Action/effect
Definitions Dialog to define vectors and movements for subsequent references/uses
Case Setup Dialog to define most of the parameters for Polaris CFD simulation
Create Create a geometry or text object directly
Derived Create a geometry from a existing geometry object
Import Geometry Import a geometry object from a file
Import Recent Show four recently imported geometries and import one
Create a Job Create a simulation job
Monitor a Job Submit and monitor a job


PostProcessing menu
Menu item Action/effect
Load Results Open a result file
Load Recent Shows four recently loaded result files and load one
Save State Save the current postprocessing state into a file
Load State Open a previously saved state file
Reload State Clear window and reopen the current postprocessing state to reload all data files
Export Data Saves the current spreadsheet into a .csv file
Data Analysis Several functions to analysis the data, details elsewhere.


Edit menu
Menu item Action/effect
Undo Undo previous operation
Redo Redo previous operation
Settings Adjust default settings of the Polaris Viewer
View Settings Adjust view settings


Set the visibility of several dockable panels and toolbars.


Various postprocessing functions that will be described elsewhere.


Edit menu
Tools item Action/effect
Python Shell Bring up the python shell for entering commands
Start Trace Start to record the operations
Stop Trace Stop recording, save macros (python script) into a file


Edit or execute a macro file


Shows the general legal information of Polaris CFD software.