Alta Dynamics

Innovation & Simulation

Alta Dynamics is a company focused on engineering simulation and analysis. Its primary expertise is in solid and fluid mechanics. Alta Dynamics develops and markets its flagship software, Polaris CFD for computational aerodynamics simulations using Cartesian grid and the gas kinetics technology.

Our Products

Polaris CFD

Polaris CFD software is based on advanced physics and is suitable for solving a variety of engineering and research problems. It is loaded with favorable features and runs on supercomputers as well as workstations. Backed by years of research, development, testing and validations Polaris CFD software suite has a high-quality CFD solver and is a powerful tool for analysts, engineers and researchers.

Polaris Structure

Polaris structural analysis software employs advanced nonlinear algorithms to analyze structural deformation and responses. Its capabilities include linear and nonlinear analyses, small and large deformations, contact, implicit and explicit dynamics, natural frequency, heat transfer etc.

Polaris EM

Polaris EM is a standalone 3D full-wave electromagnetic field simulator for 3D structure characterization, radiation and scattering. It is based on parallelized finite-difference time-domain method and is for RF design, antenna design and system level electromagnetic analysis. Polaris has built-in discrete circuit elements and support both lumped and distributed models. Polaris EM supports variety of industry CAD file format and also provides GUI based structure creation. Polaris EM supports both window and Linux platforms.