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Thermal and Cooling

Thermal and cooling is an increasingly important subject in many applications. Machines, engines and electronic components are designed to function properly at certain temperature. Overheating must be prevented. Buildings and rooms are designed to provide best comfortable temperature to occupants. Polaris CFD software is an excellent tool for design and testing engineers.

Polaris CFD solver is fully coupled, completely validated thermal solver, in addition to its unique gas-kinetics solver. The addition of the thermal module enables engineers to accurately predict temperatures and visualize the flow and temperature fields for the entire simulation domain.

For heat transfer in solids, Polaris CFD solver offers a build-in diffusion solver. This solver is based on well-known finite volume method (FVM) with explicit time integration. Identical fluid/solid interfaces are used in both CFD analysis and diffusion analysis. No third party software and data mapping is involved, which significantly improves efficiency and reduces the cost for customers. Rapid turn-around time for model analysis empowers engineers to quickly make design changes and evaluate the improvements in thermal performance.

From heavy trucks to motor cycles, from city blocks to HVAC, from clusters to consumer electronics, Polaris CFD analysis replaces wind tunnel tests partially or entirely, and yet provides accurate result to help design energy-efficient and cost-effective machines, devices and buildings.