Alta Dynamics

Innovation & Simulation


Alta Dynamics is pleased to offer its discretizer as a standalone product for researchers to plugin their own CFD solvers. The output of discretizer can be customized to output user requested information. Users still use Polaris CFD Viewer to setup the case. Then Polaris CFD solver is executed with special options to call user defined CFD solver. All features, such as parallel processing and AMR still work without user interaction.

Polaris CFD discretizer computes the following information: classify all cells as fluid cell, solid cell and split cell. A fluid cell and a solid cell lies inside fluid or solid, respectively. Split cells are those intersected by surfaces/boundaries. The surface of a solid object would cut such cells into two fractions: fluid fraction and solid fraction. The centroid and volume of each fraction, as well as the polygon inside the cell are all computed and available. Other discretization information are detailed in the discretizer's manual.

Polaris CFD offers variable resolution and adaptive local mesh refinement (AMR) capabilities. Users can set up their cases with different local resolutions in the regions of interest according to their pre-simulation knowledge of the flow. Or they can apply the AMP capability to get useful indications. In the current AMR, local flow strain rate magnitude is served as an indicator.