Polaris CFD

Polaris CFD software is a complete software suite for CFD analysis. It is packed with features that are attractive to engineers and researchers. Polaris CFD solver can handle flow problems in a wide range of Mach number, from less than 0.1 to higher than Mach 5.

Polaris CFD uses Cartesian grids and cutcell technology. It is capable of handling complex geometries, such as engines and landing gears.

Please feel free to browse Polaris CFD software's features and modules.


Software Features

Polaris CFD software suite consists of three packages, Polaris Viewer, Polaris Solver and Alta License Service. Polaris Viewer is designed for pre and post processing of a CFD analysis in one [...]

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Alta Dynamics is pleased to offer its discretizer as a standalone product for researchers to plugin their own CFD solvers. The output of discretizer can be customized to output user requested [...]

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Unlike [...]

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In many applications, analysts are very interested in understanding the noise generated by either turbulent fluid motion or aerodynamic forces interacting with object surfaces. In ground vehicle and [...]

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Thermal and Cooling

Thermal and cooling is an increasingly important subject in many applications. Machines, engines and electronic components are designed to function properly at certain temperature. Overheating must [...]

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Moving Geometries

While continuous rotation of solid objects such as a wind turbine is modeled by sliding mesh in Polaris CFD, numerous other applications involve fluid flow and moving geometries. Valve open/closure, [...]

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