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RAE 2822 Airfoil

Accurate prediction of shock wave for a transonic airfoil

Polaris CFD

Polaris CFD software is a complete software suite for CFD analysis. It is packed with features that are attractive to engineers and researchers. Polaris CFD solver can handle flow problems in a wide range of Mach number, from less than 0.1 to higher than Mach 5.

Polaris CFD uses Cartesian grids and cutcell technology. It is capable of handling complex geometries, such as engines and landing gears.

Please feel free to browse Polaris CFD software's features and modules.

Features Include:

  • Gas kinetics aerodynamics solver
  • Cartesian grid & cutcell
  • Adaptive mesh refinement
  • Parallel processing
  • Moving boundary
  • Wide range of Mach numbers
  • Turbulent models
  • Aeroacoustics/noise analysis
  • Heat transfer and diffusion analysis
  • Moving geometry & 6-DOF
  • Rotating geometry
RAE 2822 Airfoil

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