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Polaris CFD software is designed to function as a digital wind tunnel when it comes to aerodynamics simulations. Airplanes can be modeled with any desired configuration, from take-off to ascending, to cruise to turning and descending. And these can be done without simplifying geometry. CFD results are used to cross-validate test data and/or to provide information that's impossible to obtain otherwise. Without question the aerospace industry is a leader in CFD development and applications.

Polaris CFD software can reduce design time and testing costs for aerospace users. Polaris CFD can generate airfoils based on NACA 4-digit designation. User can also import a profile to create an airfoil. Polaris CFD software has build-in atmosphere conditions at different altitudes for simulation. Performing a full airplane simulation can typically be completed within one day. Polaris CFD has been successfully used to simulate passenger airplane and business jets, and help build more efficient and comfortable airplanes.