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Electronics Cooling

Thermal modelling of electronic devices and equipments has been a routine engineering task in modern day design. Circuit boards get increasingly packed due to demand of smaller sizes and faster processing speeds. As a result more heat is generated, and to make things worse, heat dissipation becomes harder. Polaris CFD software has the capability of solving thermal problems in natural and forced convection environment. The details of complex geometry, both at the system-level and at the component level, can be entirely modeled without compromise. 

Polaris CFD has an integrated diffusion solver for solving heating transfers inside solid. Heat generated by a component can be transferred to its attached heat sink, and hence dissipated into the air.


At the system level Polaris CFD can accurately model the external housing as well as the internal wiring. Fan noises can be computed if it is desired.

Polaris CFD is an effective tool to optimize airflow inside electronic devices to ensure proper thermal performance.